Frequently Asked Questions for Domestic Clients

Electrical Equipment On House PlansAs a Landlord what electrical certification do I need?

You will need an Electrical Installation Condition Report.  There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should have this test done.  It is advisable to have your electrics checked before a new tenants goes into the property.  If you have a long-term tenant, then we would recommend that you have an electrical test done between every 3-5 years, depending on the condition and age of the electrics.

My fuse box and electrics look really old, do you think they need updating and are they safe?

From 1st January 2016 new regulations require all new consumer units (fuse boxes) to be fire proof or within a fire proof enclosure.  There are also up-to-date requirements regarding RCD protection (in laymen terms these are the larger switches in your fuse box).  Everyone’s electrics are different, and the best way to ensure you are safe in your home, is to have your electrics tested.  One of our NICEIC approved electricians can then advise you on what is essential work and work is desirable.  Our electricians, where appropriate, will always give you options to solve different problems, and discuss the costs and pro’s and con’s.  Give us a call on 01304 626164 to book in a free visit to discuss your requirements.

Is it going to be expensive to add another few double sockets?

This depends on a few factors  e.g. where you would like the sockets in comparison to existing ones; the wall covering (for instance is it a modern plastered wall or tiled) and whether you want them flush mounted (all wiring hidden and socket embedded in the wall) or face mounted (where you have the wiring on the wall but covered by trunking and the box protruding).  Other factors to consider are the condition of your existing consumer unit (fuse box) and circuits, as we would have to do a minor works test on these after completing the alterations.

I need power to my outbuilding/shed, is that a simple job?

Again, this depends on a number of factors.  If you would like the cable buried in the ground or surface mounted, the distance and location from the main consumer unit to the outbuilding and the number of electrical fittings that you will required.

I would like some outside lighting, will you have to dig up my garden/drive?

Not always.  Modern cabling can be surface mounted and disguised in most cases, allowing for all external lighting needs.  There are many options for switching on your lights also, for instance, you can have an IP rated remote control unit, so that very minimal inside disruption is required.

I’m getting mould in my bathroom.  Will a fan solve this problem? 

In the majority of cases an electric fan will take all the moist air out of the bathroom, therefore preventing mould.  Modern fans are extremely quiet, which has often been an issue in the past for house owners. Fans can also include humidity thermostats to enable them to run until the humidity has lowered.

I would like a new electric shower.  Do I need a plumber or an electrician?

If you are replacing a similar powered electric shower where one has broken, you will just need a competent electrician, as no pipe work is required.  If you’re having a shower put where there is no existing pipework, then you would require both a plumber and an electrician. Here at P A Hollingworth Builders and Electrical Contractors, we directly employ all trades, so this is something that could be done seamlessly for you.